Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Rough, White and Productive

The schoolies were active in the rough,
 white water today.
The float and bucktail jig
was hot today and landed
all the fish.
I knew that before I even left my house today that the fishing would be good if I could find a safe spot to fish.  We had a storm off the coast that was sending in big waves, rough water and a stiff east wind. At this time of year, that means a turn on at the oceanfront, and I also knew the start of that east and northeast wind is often the most productive time to fish. There are no better conditions to fish from shore than rough,white, moving water, and I had it today.
I did find a safe pocket to fish along the RI oceanfront that was rough but fishable. It was full of good size schoolies that were just lurking in the white currents.  The hot ticket today was the wooden egg float and jig, one of my fall favorites.  I was using a 3/8 ounce white flathead homemade bucktail jig that had a white plastic curly tail added. That was the only thing they would hit because I tried other plugs and got nothing. My son Jon and I landed 17 good size schoolies, and we had a load of other hits. It was very good for a late August outing.
Hopefully, this is the start of something big along the oceanfront.  With the Cape Cod Canal cooling off and weak tides coming up there, I plan to focus my attention on the Bay and the RI oceanfront in the coming weeks where I'll be targeting stripers, blues and albies.