Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Holdover Fishing Turning into a BUST Again

Thus far, wintering over stripers have been scarce in Gansett
Bay.  The few fish around have also been small like this
10 incher taken a few days ago.
Even in the best of years fishing for holdover winter stripers was usually inconsistent.  And, this year is no exception. While I got some fish in late November and early December, the fishing has taken a dive since we had that cold spell last week.  In the last three outings I have landed four small schoolies and I got those within a fifteen minute period of time.
I focus my winter fishing in upper Narragansett Bay.  Back ten to fifteen years ago I had no trouble catching 1,000 stripers a winter.  While the majority were schoolies, maybe one in 20 fish was a keeper.  So far, this year's fish have not only been sparse in numbers, but they have also been small, real small. Last week I got one schoolie that you would have to stretch to make it 10 inches. Earlier in the winter I saw fish as small as 6 inches being caught.
By now, any wintering over stripers should be in their locations to wait out winter.  While some areas of NE, most notable some CT rivers, are reporting big numbers, my places in the Bay seem to be devoid of any numbers of fish.  Looks like another BUST of a winter for holdovers, just like last year.