Friday, November 6, 2015


This keeper took a Slug-Go after dark.  Fishing today was
hot in some rough water.
While yesterday was a "miss" for me along the south shore, today was a "hit".  I knew I was in for a good day as I drove to my beachfront location.  As the water came into view I could see big numbers of gannets along with gulls divebombing into the water.  They were almost at the surf line, very unusual for gannets. It could only mean bait, and lots of it. So, I quickly suited up and started fishing.  Funny thing was that there were no fish where the birds were diving, but plenty nearby in another section of the beach.  It was loads of schoolies before dark on Cocahoes and bigger fish up to keeper size after dark on white Slug-Gos. The water was really charged up today with a big southwest wind and a heavy surf which certainly helped the fishing.  Combine those conditions with lots of bait and I had the perfect recipe for a big hit.