Sunday, June 7, 2015

Crawling with Bluefish

Blues will just slice skinny plastic to shreds.  Go with
a hard plug when the bluefish are around. 
I was up in the Bay tonight, and the place I was fishing was crawling with bluefish.  We don't think as bluefish as fussy feeders but I will tell you that these were.  They could not resist chopping my Slug-Gos to pieces so I went with a hard plug.  They would not look at my first choice, a popper. My second choice was a slender jointed Red Fin, and that seemed to get some hits.  This plug has a slim profile and lots of movement.  In the past, it was a good option for catching finicky bluefish.  And, it worked tonight as I landed 5 bluefish from 4-7 lbs.and had a lot more hits and swirls.  I had a few hefty fish that were shaped like footballs. Though I saw no bait, it is obvious from the size of them that they are eating well.
Two weeks ago I was catching stripers in this location.  Not tonight....looks like the blues have taken over.