Monday, February 2, 2015

Making Plugs, Jigs, Teasers, Flies

I never seem to have enough bucktail
jigs.  They are my best fall lure for
I've been busy as a beaver in my basement making plugs and other artificials for the upcoming season.  In the winter I generally make what I think is going to hot in the next year based on my success in the previous season.  So, here is a list of what I  have been working on:
1. Plugs- My hottest wooden plug last year was a white needlefish.  That homemade 5 inch plug was very good in late summer and fall for stripers.  I've made a bunch of them in the last week and hopefully they will prove to be hot again this year.
2. Bucktail Jigs- They are always good along the oceanfront.  I've made a number of different models for the upcoming season with the flathead, spearhead and minnow head being my top producers.  Most of them I make are between a half and 1 ounce.  I make them in an all white color and use red thread for the most part.
These homemade white needlefish
plugs have just been painted.
They were my hottest wooden plugs
last fall.
3. Teasers- Shrimp fly teasers have been hot in the spring and fall and I have replenished my supply.
4. Blue Deceiver Flies for Albies-  These were also hot last fall.  I've made a couple of dozen of these as I anticipate albies will be the highlight of the upcoming season.
If you are looking for more detailed info on making any of the above artificials, do a search of the site. Past posts were devoted to all these topics.