Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Once Again, a Move to Freshwater

This largemouth
was jigged up
With saltwater fishing for winter holdovers so poor this year, I have, once again, turned my attention to freshwater.   I have been fishing both open water currents (rivers) for carp and ice fishing for multiple species on ponds and lakes.
This 8 lb. mirror carp was caught on Jan.1 when the temp.
was just 20 degrees.  It won the biggest mirror
carp award  in the nationwide FFF tournament on
New Year's Day.
I had my best December of carp fishing ever in the month's record warm weather, catching close to 100 carp up to 20 lbs. in just the month of December.  I continued to fish for them into early Jan. and landed a few before the hard freeze.  If you want to know about catching carp in the winter months, check out my blog at RI Carp Fishing.
In the last week I have been hitting a number of frozen freshwater ponds and catching good numbers of bluegills, bass and crappie.  I move around a lot and just jig.  My hot ticket is a small gold Kastmaster spiced with a meal worm. It is deadly on multiple species of fish.
With declining numbers of stripers, I predict that more and more saltwater fishermen will turn their attention to freshwater in the next couple of years.  It is already happening with a lot of fishermen.