Friday, March 7, 2014

The Snagging Dilemma

Tonight's lone fish was snagged in the tail.
Snagging does happen at this time of year.
Expect to also catch some fish in the mouth.
It's a late winter phenomenon that you rarely read about anywhere.  SNAGGING.  It happens and it happens with more regularity than most would admit. Most fishermen are not trying to snag fish, but it can't be avoided.
In early March, water temperatures have bottomed out.  Because of the cold water, these fish are sluggish and almost in a semi-dormant condition.  Most are not hitting.  These sluggish fish are also moving in tight, balled up schools, another late winter phenomenon.
As you move your jig along the bottom it bumps into these sluggish fish, and it feels like a hit.  You pull back.  The result is often a snagged fish.   However, in between those snagged fish, you do seem to get some fish to take your offering in the mouth.  Some active fish are still hitting. I don't like snagging fish, but I'm often faced with a dilemma of continuing to fish or calling it quits. I usually continue fishing because I also know that  winter late winter fishing often comes down to accidentally snagging some fish to get to those that want to hit.  It is just part of the winter fishing game.