Monday, December 9, 2013

Okuma Trio 55.....Could be the BEST BUY in Spinning Reels

Standard retrieve Okuma
High speed retrieve Okuma
Can you buy a quality saltwater spinning reel for just over $60?  I think I have found that deal, and it is an Okuma Trio-55 reel. I used this reel many times this fall from the boat and shore, and my son Jon uses it exclusively from shore. We have caught countless stripers on this reel up to 45 inches and the reel has performed flawlessly.  It is super smooth.  In fact, my brother, Steve, calls it the "smoothest reel he has ever used".  It has a phenomenal drag that is so smooth and silky you almost have to look down at the reel to see if it is going. If you don't believe my assessment, check out the reviews at the link below.  It gets stellar reviews from fishermen who have purchased a Trio.
This reel comes in a standard retrieve, Trio-55, and a high speed model, Trio-55S.  I have both and I prefer the standard model.  I like the handle on this model better and I also thought the standard model was a bit smoother on the retrieve. The Trio-55 weighs in at 15 oz. and matches up well with an 8 or 9 foot surf rod or a 7 foot boat rod.  I spooled my Trios with 30 lb. test Power Pro braid. It is very braid friendly, and I have never gotten a wind know with this reel.
The reel is a super product right out of the box.  However, my big question is how well will it hold up to the abuse of heavy use over time.  I don't know the answer to that question, but for $60, I'm willing to take my chances that it will last at least several years.
You can purchase this reel at at
It lists for $62.50 on this site and that includes shipping. Can you beat that deal!