Wednesday, January 23, 2013

5 Knots to Learn Before the Season Begins

Many fishermen will tell you that the most important aspect of your terminal set-up is the knot or knots you are using.  The right knot can be responsible for landing that trophy fish.  The wrong knot or a knot that is improperly tied can lead to heartbreak with the loss of a big fish.
There are exactly 5 knots that I always use.  The use of these knots will depend on whether you are using braided line of monofilament. They should cover just about any situation you are fishing from shore.  There are two informative websites that will give you some great illustrated instructions and directions for tying these knots. The sites are  (Grog's Fishing Knots) and (Power Pro Knots).
Here are the knots and the situations in which I use them:
1. Improved Clinch Knot- This is my go to knot when using monofilament line to tie things on.  This knot is used to make mono leaders (tie on swivel and snap), to tie teasers onto a swivel, to tie hooks and plugs directly to the mono, to tie your running line onto a spool that needs line, etc. This knot works great with monofilament line but I don't trust it with braid.  Can be found at the Grog site above.
2. Rapala Knot- This is a looped knot.  I use this at times with jigs since the loop at the tie point allows the jig to move freely.  It is also great to use with swimmers to allow the plug more movement in a direct looped tie.  Once again, only use with mono. Found at Grog site above.
3.  Surgeon's Knot- This is a spicing knot that is used  to attach two sections of monofilament line with different pound test.  It is my go to knot when tying shock leaders onto monofialment running line. Found at Grog site.
4. Uni Knot-  This knot does for braided line what the improved clinch knot does for mono.  Found at Power Pro site.
5. Uni to Uni Splice Knot- I use this knot when attaching braid to monofilament backing on my reel.  It is the best knot I have found to join mono to braid.  Very useful if you purchase braid in 150 yard spools (as many of us do) and you want to add it to your mono backing. Found at Power Pro site.
Knot tying is simply a matter of practice.  On these cold winter nights, why not sit by the computer with some line and get to work learning some of these essential knots.