Monday, October 1, 2012


The month has switched to October, but the results are the same.  The fishing continues at a blistering pace as I witnessed an all day blitz of stripers and bluefish today along the oceanfront.  There were so many fish that at one point that I stood on a rock and just watched hundreds of bass and blues in front of me swimming in the water whirling and feeding  in a slick of bay anchovies.
I fished with my son, Jon, today.  Together we landed ridiculous numbers of fish, maybe 40 bass and an equal number of bluefish.  We actually lost count.  He was using a Yo-Zuri swimmer which far outfished my bucktail jig.  But I stubbornly stayed with the jig because I did not want to deal with the treble hooks.  I also landed several decent fish on a Cocahoe on a jighead.  We probably had at least 8 keeper bass from 28-32 inches.  The rest of the stripers went 24-28 inches, real decent size.  The blues went 5-6 lbs. on average, but Jon had one big one that went about 12 lbs.

Today was no isolated blitz.  From what my sons and others tell me, this has been going on for three straight days.  It's mostly equal numbers of stripers and blues, but there are also false albacore in the mix.  Just wild fishing!  Our great fall fishing just keeps going.