Sunday, August 19, 2012

Once Again, Freshwater is Best Bet

I haven't been posting much these days because I haven't been catching much in saltwater.  With hot weather, crowds along the oceanfront and poor fishing for stripers from shore here in RI, I have turned my attention to freshwater where the action has been very good.  Tonight I went out carp fishing and landed three decent fish with one fish going in the high teens and two more in the low twenty pound range (see photo).  Two nights ago, I hit another spot in nearby MA and landed 12 smaller carp.

While I have been doing my carp thing, my son, Jon, has been pounding the largemouths locally landing 16 largemouths in the last two outings this week.  He's gotten some bruisers also with several fish over four and five pounds (see photo of 5+ lber. landed tonight).  With saltwater fishing poor and gas at close to 4 bucks a gallon, it makes sense to fish freshwater close to home.  Besides, it has been real productive.
For those complaining about the poor saltwater fishing or for those staying home just waiting for the fall, why not give freshwater a try. Summer doldrums?  Not in freshwater if you target largemouths or big carp.