Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Striper Fishing...What's Going On?

Quote from this week's fishing report in the Fisherman magazine, "The holdover bass fishing has yet to materialize in the Providence River, Thames and Narrow River." I am going to tell you that if it hasn't materialized yet, it is not going to.

I am on a roll right now....blanked 8 times in a row and have yet to catch a holdover in 2011. The stripers are just not in the Providence River in any numbers. You do hear rumors of a fish here and there and occasionally one is caught (see pic), but there are so few I am beginning to wonder if the effort is worth it. The effort here is also diminishing with very few fishermen out trying. It is also disturbing to hear that the same poor fishing is occurring in other winter hotspots of past years. It supports the notion that striper numbers (especially schoolie numbers) are way down.