Saturday, October 23, 2010

Quite the Surprise

I was fishing a quiet, backwater spot tonight. Just after dark, a few small fish started breaking. I casted my teaser and swimmer rig toward the jumps. A small fish hit the teaser but missed it. On the next cast I threw right to the same spot. Almost immediately an explosion engulfed my offering and I was onto a freight train. I thought at first I had a big blue because the fish was peeling out drag. However, after a short battle, I had the stripes in sight. The striper was just shy of 40 inches (see pic at right). And, it took the teaser.

At this time of year I always fish a homemade black Deceiver fly/teaser (see pic at left) tied ahead of my offering (in this case, a jointed Red fin swimmer). The teaser can be set up on a leader of about 3 feet. The teaser is tied onto the top swivel and should dangle about 8-10 inches off the swivel. When big fish are onto small bait, the teaser can be deadly. This is the third keeper in a week that I have landed on teasers!