Thursday, July 15, 2010

Canal Running Hot

You would be lucky to catch a keeper right now from the RI mainland shore, and to do it, you probably have to put in long hours after dark slinging eels.

Not the case in the Cape Cod Canal where the stripers are keeping bankers hours. Yes, under a mid day sun, keeper bass are smashing the surface currents of the canal. Long casters line the bank in a picket fence of fishermen shoulder to shoulder that sometimes stretches for hundreds of yards, and they attempt to reach the breaking fish way out in the middle. The action has been terrific in the last week. I've fished there the last two days (mid day) and saw about a hundred keepers landed. These fish ranged from 28-45 inches. I didn't see one fish that wasn't a keeper. I myself landed 4 keepers in the two afternoons of fishing. There is nothing that comes close to this action here in RI.

The plugs that are doing the greatest damage are pencil poppers in a light color and the very pricey large Sebile plugs. Long casts are a necessity.